ICD-10 Diagnosis Code M54.2


Diagnosis Code M54.2

ICD-10: M54.2
Short Description: Cervicalgia
Long Description: Cervicalgia
This is the 2018 version of the ICD-10-CM diagnosis code M54.2

Valid for Submission
The code M54.2 is valid for submission for HIPAA-covered transactions.

Code Classification
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue (M00–M99)
    • Other dorsopathies (M50-M54)
      • Dorsalgia (M54)

Information for Medical Professionals

Diagnostic Related Groups
The diagnosis code M54.2 is grouped in the following Diagnostic Related Group(s) (MS-DRG V35.0)


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  • Axis pressure pain
  • Cervical facet joint pain
  • Cervical segmental dysfunction
  • Cervical spine painful on movement
  • Cervical spine tender
  • Cervical spinous process tenderness
  • Cervical trigger point syndrome
  • Cervico-occipital neuralgia
  • Chronic neck pain
  • Chronic neck pain for greater than 3 months
  • Facet joint pain
  • Finding of sensation of musculoskeletal structure of neck
  • Finding of sensation of musculoskeletal structure of neck
  • Finding of sensation of musculoskeletal structure of neck
  • Finding of sensation of musculoskeletal structure of neck
  • Finding of sensation of musculoskeletal structure of neck
  • Finding of sensation of thyroid gland
  • Finding of sensation of thyroid gland
  • Neck pain
  • Neck pain aggravated by recumbency
  • Nuchal pain
  • Pain in cervical spine
  • Pain in cervical spine
  • Pain in thyroid
  • Pain of endocrine structure
  • Pain of endocrine structure
  • Pain of head and neck region
  • Pain radiating to neck
  • Tenderness of head and neck region
  • Tenderness of head and neck region
  • Tenderness of neck
  • Tenderness of thyroid

Index of Diseases and Injuries
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Information for Patients

Neck Injuries and Disorders

Any part of your neck - muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, or nerves - can cause neck problems. Neck pain is very common. Pain may also come from your shoulder, jaw, head, or upper arms.

Muscle strain or tension often causes neck pain. The problem is usually overuse, such as from sitting at a computer for too long. Sometimes you can strain your neck muscles from sleeping in an awkward position or overdoing it during exercise. Falls or accidents, including car accidents, are another common cause of neck pain. Whiplash, a soft tissue injury to the neck, is also called neck sprain or strain.

Treatment depends on the cause, but may include applying ice, taking pain relievers, getting physical therapy or wearing a cervical collar. You rarely need surgery.

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  • Neck x-ray (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Spinal fusion (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Torticollis (Medical Encyclopedia)

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