ICD-10 Diagnosis Code H10.219

Acute toxic conjunctivitis, unspecified eye

Diagnosis Code H10.219

ICD-10: H10.219
Short Description: Acute toxic conjunctivitis, unspecified eye
Long Description: Acute toxic conjunctivitis, unspecified eye
This is the 2018 version of the ICD-10-CM diagnosis code H10.219

Valid for Submission
The code H10.219 is valid for submission for HIPAA-covered transactions.

Code Classification
  • Diseases of the eye and adnexa (H00–H59)
    • Disorders of conjunctiva (H10-H11)
      • Conjunctivitis (H10)

Information for Medical Professionals

Diagnostic Related Groups
The diagnosis code H10.219 is grouped in the following Diagnostic Related Group(s) (MS-DRG V35.0)


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  • Acute conjunctivitis caused by chemical
  • Drug-induced mucositis
  • Toxic conjunctivitis
  • Toxic conjunctivitis caused by drug

Information for Patients


Also called: Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is the medical name for pink eye. It involves inflammation of the outer layer of the eye and inside of the eyelid. It can cause swelling, itching, burning, discharge, and redness. Causes include

  • Bacterial or viral infection
  • Allergies
  • Substances that cause irritation
  • Contact lens products, eye drops, or eye ointments

Pinkeye usually does not affect vision. Infectious pink eye can easily spread from one person to another. The infection will clear in most cases without medical care, but bacterial pinkeye needs treatment with antibiotic eye drops or ointment.

NIH: National Eye Institute

  • Allergic conjunctivitis (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Conjunctivitis (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Vernal conjunctivitis (Medical Encyclopedia)

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