ICD-10 Diagnosis Code N63

Unspecified lump in breast

Diagnosis Code N63

ICD-10: N63
Short Description: Unspecified lump in breast
Long Description: Unspecified lump in breast
This is the 2018 version of the ICD-10-CM diagnosis code N63

Not Valid for Submission
The code N63 is a "header" and not valid for submission for HIPAA-covered transactions.

Deleted Code Additional informationCallout TooltipDeleted Code
The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) has published an update to the ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes which became effective October 1, 2017. This codes was replaced for the FY 2018 (October 1, 2017-September 30, 2018).

This code was deleted in the 2018 ICD-10 code set with the code(s) listed below.
  • N63.0 - Unspecified lump in unspecified breast
  • N63.10 - Unspecified lump in the right breast, unspecified quadrant
  • N63.11 - Unspecified lump in the right breast, upper outer quadrant
  • N63.12 - Unspecified lump in the right breast, upper inner quadrant
  • N63.13 - Unspecified lump in the right breast, lower outer quadrant
  • N63.14 - Unspecified lump in the right breast, lower inner quadrant
  • N63.20 - Unspecified lump in the left breast, unspecified quadrant
  • N63.21 - Unspecified lump in the left breast, upper outer quadrant
  • N63.22 - Unspecified lump in the left breast, upper inner quadrant
  • N63.23 - Unspecified lump in the left breast, lower outer quadrant
  • N63.24 - Unspecified lump in the left breast, lower inner quadrant
  • N63.31 - Unspecified lump in axillary tail of the right breast
  • N63.32 - Unspecified lump in axillary tail of the left breast
  • N63.41 - Unspecified lump in right breast, subareolar
  • N63.42 - Unspecified lump in left breast, subareolar

Code Classification
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system (N00–N99)
    • Disorders of breast (N60-N65)
      • Unspecified lump in breast (N63)

Information for Medical Professionals

  • Breast lump
  • Breast lump symptom
  • Lump in left breast
  • Lump in right breast
  • Nodule of skin of breast
  • On examination - breast lump - melon size
  • On examination - breast lump - pea size
  • On examination - breast lump - plum size
  • On examination - breast lump- axillary tail
  • On examination - breast lump consistency
  • On examination - breast lump fixed deep
  • On examination - breast lump fixed to skin
  • On examination - breast lump hard
  • On examination - breast lump irregular
  • On examination - breast lump palpated
  • On examination - breast lump position
  • On examination - breast lump regularity
  • On examination - breast lump size
  • On examination - breast lump smooth
  • On examination - breast lump soft
  • On examination - breast lump tethering
  • On examination - breast lump-grapefruit size
  • On examination - breast lump-lower inner quadrant
  • On examination - breast lump-lower outer quadrant
  • On examination - breast lump-nipple/central
  • On examination - breast lump-orange size
  • On examination - breast lump-tangerine size
  • On examination - breast lump-upper inner quadrant
  • On examination - breast lump-upper outer quadrant
  • On examination - shotty breast
  • Persistent breast nodularity

Index of Diseases and Injuries
References found for the code N63 in the Index of Diseases and Injuries:

Information for Patients

Breast Diseases

Most women experience breast changes at some time. Your age, hormone levels, and medicines you take may cause lumps, bumps, and discharges (fluids that are not breast milk).

If you have a breast lump, pain, discharge or skin irritation, see your health care provider. Minor and serious breast problems have similar symptoms. Although many women fear cancer, most breast problems are not cancer.

Some common breast changes are

  • Fibrocystic breast changes - lumpiness, thickening and swelling, often just before a woman's period
  • Cysts - fluid-filled lumps
  • Fibroadenomas - solid, round, rubbery lumps that move easily when pushed, occurring most in younger women
  • Intraductal papillomas - growths similar to warts near the nipple
  • Blocked milk ducts
  • Milk production when a woman is not breastfeeding

NIH: National Cancer Institute

  • Breast - premenstrual tenderness and swelling (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Breast biopsy -- stereotactic (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Breast biopsy -- ultrasound (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Breast infection (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Breast lump (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Breast MRI scan (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Breast pain (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Breast self exam (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Breast skin and nipple changes (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Fibroadenoma - breast (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Fibrocystic breast disease (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Gynecomastia (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Intraductal papilloma (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Nipple problems (Medical Encyclopedia)

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